IUVO products

IUVO S.r.l. aims at developing a series of technological robotic aiding systems, originally conceived and designed by the IUVO S.r.l. founders during their research career. Riding high on the huge spread of researches on safe and controllable human-robot interaction solutions, in the latest 2000s, the IUVO S.r.l. founders focused on the design of wearable powered orthoses (a.k.a. exoskeletons) and related components, successfully addressing assistance, rehabilitation and augmentation of different body segments.

Within the above framework, recently IUVO S.r.l. signed an agreement with SSSA for the exclusive commercial exploitation license of a novel light-weight robotic exoskeleton for gait assistance – namely the Active Pelvis Orthosis (APO) – developed at The BioRobotics Institute in the last years.

Currently, replicas of APO (namely IUVO-APO-R-70-92) are available for research purposes in clinical or academic settings. IUVO-APO-R-70-92 can be used for carrying out research activities in different field like:

• human-robot physical and cognitive interaction;
• control systems for wearable robot;
• robot-based neuro-rehabilitation;
• robot-based orthopaedic rehabilitation;
• power augmentation of elderly workers.

Further information about device availability can be obtained using the CONTACT page of this website.

Current list of products

IUVO APO R-70-92