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IUVO is a spin-off company of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA) in Pisa and its BioRobotics Institute.

IUVO was founded on January 2015 by Prof. Nicola Vitiello and his colleagues of the Wearable Robotics Laboratory, which is part of the BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa.  Visit Website

IUVO has an agreement with SSSA for the exclusive license to commercially exploit patent applications and know-how of several wearable technologies.

In August 2017, COMAU (an Italian company that is a member of Stellantis N.V. and a leader in the field of industrial automation and robotics) and Össur (an Icelandic company that is a market leader in the field of prosthetics and orthotics) invested in IUVO through a joint venture, which holds the majority share of the company. The two investing companies have the ultimate goal to foster a wide adoption of wearable robotic technologies in daily-life scenarios.




Dedicated wearable robotic devices and exoskeleton
solutions for various user and industrial needs.
From invention to finalized products IUVO offers its services
for the design and development of solutions based on analysis
of specific applications.


A spring-loaded passive upper-limb exoskeleton.


IUVO invented and developed an innovative passive spring-loaded upper-limb exoskeleton.


The objective of the device is to reduce the physical effort of workers (in different industry scenarios) who execute tasks with their arms in an upright position.


Active Pelvis Orthosis (APO).


Development of a powered active pelvis orthosis (APO) to support the gait of patients.


Based on the APO technology licensed to IUVO by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

Projects Funded by the European Commission

under the Horizon 2020 Program.

H2020 CYBERLEGs Plus Plus

The global goal of the CYBERLEGs Plus Plus project is to validate the technical and economic viability of the powered robotic ortho-prosthesis developed within the FP7-ICT- CYBERLEGs project framework. The robotic
ortho-prosthesis was developed as a means to enhance/restore the mobility of transfemoral amputees, as well as enable them to perform locomotion tasks in their daily lives.

Role of IUVO: development and validation of an active pelvis orthosis for amputees.


The HUMAN project aims to define and demonstrate workplaces where automation and human workers operate in harmony to improve the productivity, quality, and performance of the factory, as well as worker satisfaction and safety.

Role of IUVO: development and validation of semi-active spring-loaded upper-limb exoskeleton


The objective of INBOTS is to create a community hub that brings together experts to debate and create a responsible research and innovation paradigm for robotics.

This project provides a platform to establish a working synergy between four pillars that covers all stakeholders in interactive robotics: the technical expertise pillar, the business expertise pillar, the ethical/legal/socioeconomic expertise pillar, and the end-user/policy maker/general public pillar.

Role of IUVO: contribution to road-mapping activities; focus on identification of strategies to foster the adoption of exoskeletons into the society.


The EUROBENCH project aims at creating the first benchmarking framework for robotic systems in Europe. The framework will allow companies and researchers to test the performance of robots at any stage of development. The EUROBENCH framework will be composed of both methodological and experimental components, the latter being state-of- the-art test facilities for wearable and humanoid robots.

These facilities will allow companies and researchers to perform standardized tests on advanced robotic prototypes in a unique location.

With the EUROBENCH project, IUVO defines the functionalities of the facility for benchmarking robotic exoskeletons for lower limbs.

Role of IUVO: contribution to identification of criteria to benchmark exoskeleton system abilities and support to the experimentation/validation of test benches for exoskeletal technologies.



The ReHyb project will develop a hybrid upper-limb exoskeleton that uses its own sensing and novel actuation capabilities for generating the digital twin of the user. The user will experience multiplicative improvements in underlying technologies, in terms of wearability of the device, robot motion much more sympathetic to the user need and intention, and intuitive human-robot communication through the feedback design. For simplicity and a strong societal impact, the ReHyb project adapts its use case to the healthcare of stroke patients in the participatory design which would allow a full exploration of the concepts and techniques as a user-centric device, accompanied by detailed ethico-legal analyses and exploitation potentials.

Role of IUVO: development and validation of exoskeletal technologies for post-stroke upper-limb rehabilitation.



The CONBOTS project proposes a paradigm shift that aims to augment handwriting and music learning through robotics, by creating a physically interacting robotic platform connecting humans in order to facilitate the learning of complex sensorimotor tasks. CONBOTS is building on recent neuroscientific findings that showed the benefits of physical interaction to perform motor tasks together, where the human central nervous system understands a partner motor control and can use it to improve task performance and motor learning.

Role of IUVO: development and validation of exoskeletal technologies for violin and drum beginners.


A genuine collaboration between human and robots require more holistic solutions encompassing smart mechatronic systems designed to improve the quality of work and to increase flexible production. SHERLOCK will proceed to achieve this genuine and seamless collaboration by considering all the human factors, combined with the automation systems such as robots safely.

Role of IUVO: development and validation of semi-active spring-loaded exoskeletal technologies.

H2020 Mari4_YARD

Mari4_YARD builds on existing technologies and previous H2020/FP7 projects by focusing on delivering productivity and business case benchmarks to shipbuilding sector, their investors, and suppliers of new production assets, by addressing SME shipyards needs and challenges. Mari4_YARD implements smart and cost-effective solutions in the manufacturing process to improve working conditions and enhancing productivity while at the same time making working in small and medium sized shipyards more attractive.

Role of IUVO: development and validation of exoskeletal technologies for shipyard workers.


IUVO key people

Duilio Amico

Chief Executive Officer

Senior manager, COMAU

Tiziano Becchi

Chief Financial Officer

Senior manager, COMAU

Nicola Vitiello, PhD

Co-founder & Advisor for Innovantion and Business Development

Associate Professor, Scuola Sant’Anna

Francesco Giovacchini

Co-founder & Head of R&D Unit

Senior scientist

Simona Crea, PhD

Co-founder & Advisor for Business Development and Scientific Investigations

Assistant Professor, Scuola Sant’Anna

Andrea Maria Vitiello

Co-founder & Head of Administration Unit

Accounting and finance

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